The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Agencies PPC

There probably isn’t a single digital marketing agency in the world that hasn’t been in this position at one point or another; they’ve promised something that with hindsight and a clear head, they maybe shouldn’t have done. 

Imagine the scene: you’re at an important new client pitch, and the company in front of you says they could really use some help with their PPC management. You know if you can offer that, you’ll win the account, so of course, you say “Yes, we can do that, not a problem at all.” 

But then you share a look with your account management team or strategy director. You’re all thinking the same thing; “We don’t actually have the capability on our team at present, how on earth are we going to do this!?”

Everyone’s been there, and every agency would do the same thing. Why wouldn’t you want to win a new client and grow your business? Of course you would do whatever it took. The same is true if you had an existing client who really wanted you to help with their paid search. Naturally you’d say yes because you want to help them and keep them as an important paying client. 

Still, now you’re faced with problem of the problem of delivering. You need help, fast. We’re all human, and we all need that extra help from time to time. 

Thankfully when you know the right people - like us here at Glowworm Digital - you don’t have to worry. Outsourcing your PPC requirements as an agency is simple, worry-free and highly effective! 


Outsource paid search and save the day 

When you can boost your service offering to both new and existing clients, why wouldn’t you? That’s the major benefit of outsourcing your paid search needs and having a virtual PPC department sitting within your agency. 

Right from the get go, it gives you an extra revenue stream that you can rely on. You know that you can always offer pay-per-click services to your clients without any fears of actually being able to deliver, or concerns about overhead costs. 

You don’t need to spend shed loads of money on recruitment costs only to get to the final stage of hiring for the candidate to be offered a job elsewhere. You don’t need to spend time training up a newly appointed executive from scratch, teaching them how to run an Adwords account. 

You’re just ready to go as soon as you say the word, with experts on hand at the end of the phone or even, at the end of the desk. 


Pay-Per-Click management support, so you don’t have to worry

Outsourced PPC can work in a variety of ways. You could opt for a full service white label solution or just grab an extra pair of hands (and brain) whenever you need it. It’s whatever works best for your circumstances and your bottom line; that’s the true value in outsourcing. 

It might be you want to take on new business and offer more services without having to recruit or expand. You might literally have too many bums for the seats in your office, and rather than risk expanding at this stage, you just want to deliver an exceptional service without all the hassle that comes with a new department, new staff members and the need for more space. 

So, you turn to a specialist consultants like Glowworm Digital and get a full-service PPC department that simply acts like a virtual extension of your own agency. 

Or maybe you’ve just got a temporary resources gap that you need to fill, to help make sure your clients remain happy and content. Perhaps a team member is on holiday or off sick, or you are waiting for a new hire to start; it might even be that you just want to free up staff members for other important tasks in house. 

Either way, when you know there are expert paid search consultants to turn to, you can just call them in to fill in the gaps as and where necessary. 

Whichever option you choose, it reduces stress all around:

Account managers don’t have to worry about work being completed
Strategy teams can always deliver on their promises
Your accounts department doesn’t have to fret about expensive costs
You can get your clients the result they want, meeting and exceeding expectations. 

More importantly, the client always remains yours. 

Not only will your business not suffer, it will actually grow and prosper. Who doesn’t want that? 


Your Own Personal PPC Agency

We might be making it sound easy, having your own outsourced paid search support. But that’s because it really is. 

At Glowworm Digital, we’re all experts in pay-per-click and display marketing. We’re Google Qualified, Bing Certified and have a wealth of experience working with agencies up and down the country - on all manner of clients, big and small. 

We’ve all worked in agencies - so we know exactly what you need to succeed - and we’ve delivered fantastic results for clients - so we know exactly what they need to be happy and thank you! 

With any kind of outsourcing, the main benefit is flexibility. We don't just work for you, we work your way. Whatever you need, we’re here to help; you ask us to jump, we say how high (just as long as it’s not off a cliff!)

We can act as your own full service PPC department, attending meetings on your behalf and even wearing little name badges if you like? Or we can just nip into your office and fill that urgent gap at short notice. It’s whatever works best for you! 

When new prospective clients are always watching from just around the corner and existing clients are always demanding more, appearance is vital and results are everything.

That’s why we won’t disappoint you, so you don’t have to disappoint your clients. 

So if you want to: 

  • Expand your service offerings
  • Enjoy an additional revenue stream
  • Reduce the stress of your team
  • Plug a resource gap
  • Save money in the process
  • Deliver on all your promises, and
  • Grow your business without having to recruit

Then you’ll want to outsource your PPC requirements to the experts. And that’s just what we are here at Glowworm Digital. So why not get in touch, and see how we can help?