The Company are part of the designer habitat group and sell a range of quality branded homeware and lifestyle items.  


Glowworm Digital took over the paid search reigns in September 2015 from a previous agency, tasked with improving ROI and reducing cost of sale to help improve profit margins. 

The Strategy 

We reviewed all campaigns carefully and reduced any wastage, we then optimised shopping feeds and created a very granular structure for selected product lines, we also utilised mobile traffic and remarketing campaigns and expanded the online presence to bing. 

The Results

Cost of sale came down by 17% and revenue consistently increased YOY improving ROI to over 400%

“ We are really pleased with the results Glowworm Digital have achieved since taking over our account, they provide well thought out logical solutions to help us reach our advertising goals and constantly come up with new ideas to test and push the account forward squeezing every penny out of our adspend. They are also great with junior members of the team and help them to understand what paid search contributes to our business”.

Lee Marriot Ecommerce Marketing Manager


Multi-Trades are a national recruitment agency working with trades, labour, engineering, management and admin roles.


Multi-trade asked us to create a digital strategy, advise on their new website and implement an adwords campaign in order to increase highly qualified new business leads.

The strategy

We carefully researched keywords and performed detailed competitive analysis in order to target the right market via google ads, Bing, LinkedIn and local SEO. 


We generated a 20% uplift in new business leads a week, resulting in a consistent flow of new candidates and clients for mutlitrades 

“Multi-Trades was new to adwords and because of that we were anxious to get the process right, Glowworm Digital took control of everything from start to finish, advising us on our overall strategy right through to building the campaign and managing it on a day to day basis, They made it extremely easy to understand and were very transparent in all they did. We have seen some brilliant results from the campaigns they created, contributing lots of valuable sales leads that have really helped push our business forward, the team are very knowledgeable in everything digital I would not hesitate to recommend Glowworm Digital! I see them as an ongoing asset to our business. Keep up the good work”.

Adam Palin  Director of Mulitrade


Leading UK Suppliers of fireplaces and stoves providing high quality branded fires at the lowest prices. 

Brief: After running their own adwords campaigns for a number of years fireplacemegastore wanted to get more out of their adspend and increase conversion rates in a very competitive market place. 

Fireplacemegastore tasked Glowworm Digital to revamp their online marketing campaigns and increase ROI whilst reducing spend. 



We worked closely with fireplacemegastore to understand their business and developed a strategy to reduce wastage and increase visibility on top revenue generating campaigns and products whilst introducing a series on google shopping campaigns and remarketing ads. 



Within three months CPA reduced by nearly 50%, ROI increased by 500%, whilst reducing monthly ad spend by over half.

“We have worked with Glowworm for over a year now and have found their services for paid for search to be very effective, professional and financially rewarding.

It is refreshing to deal with a company that really knows how to get the best results out of PPC”.

 Steve Thompson Ecommerce Manger



The Company

Forever Unique are a fashion brand providing ladies designer clothing. They were looking for support to grow online sales however were also looking to significantly improve the return on investment

The Strategy

Initially we reduced unnecessary costs, removing unprofitable areas of search, applying a more extensive list of negative keywords and applying revised bids and bid modifiers.


We restructured the accounts, focusing on Search, Shopping and Dynamic Re-marketing campaigns. The industry can be notoriously tricky from a Paid Search perspective as audiences within this industry tend to take time browsing and will often search for branded keywords before completing sales. So, part of our task was to maximise sales and revenue via non-branded search campaigns and via shopping.


We created new non-branded campaigns to reflect each different product type and carefully considered bid adjustments helped us to maximise profit for audiences searching on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. New segmented bidding was also applied during different times of the day and to attract previous visitors of the website. A revised Dynamic Re-marketing campaign enabled us to improve the imagery while carefully segmented audience types helped us to attract audiences ready to buy!


The Results

74% growth in revenue & ROI increased up 448% to 988. The customer was pleased with the results commenting; “Thanks so much for everything. You've made a fantastic difference to the account”

TFS logs.JPG

The Challenge

The Fragrance Shop were looking to maximise revenue from online fragrance sales, increase the volume of valuable clicks, while maintaining a specific Cost of Sale % target

The Solution/Our Strategy

Utilising Google AdWords & Bing Ads, we restructured the Paid Search Accounts, focusing on Paid Search, Google Shopping and Dynamic Re-marketing campaigns.


Following in depth data analysis, we were able to create a granular account structure, enabling us to bid on each product individually. A new account structure and carefully considered bidding enabled us to generate a higher volume of clicks and for a lower average CPC.


Revised ads, plus keyword and search query analysis enabled us to continue improving the quality of search. While new sales tactics were set up to help deliver significant improvements during promotional periods.


We created a 6-month forecast to increase revenue from Paid Search year on year by approximately 64% while also increasing ROI. The forecast was considered very ambitious in house and potentially unachievable. However, the actual results surpassed our initial forecast by some way, both in terms of revenue growth and return on investment generating a extra 4million pounds YOY from PPC.


The Challenge

Moving into peak season for users buying coats and jackets, the challenge for MDV was to get their newly shot video for the AW collection in front of new audiences, at the top of the purchase funnel. However, as well as wanting to see an uplift in traffic and an increase in revenue from all channels, we also wanted to see a return from their investment.

The Strategy

We decided that using True View For Action was the most appropriate strategy in order to get users off YouTube as a platform, one of the most challenging aspects of running any video campaigns.

True View For Action allowed us to overlay the campaigns with strong call to action banners that were on brand with the video content.

We capitalised on the rich data available to us in Google Analytics for targeting new users. Our strategy involved a mixture of affinity and in-market audiences, with separate ad groups for each and a campaign each targeting men and women at the most appropriate age groups.


683% increase in traffic from video campaigns vs the previous two months

87% decrease in CPCs

4,544% increase in revenue

3,850% increase in conversions