Mobile PPC

Mobile PPC has grown to become a major part of online marketing. Over half of online customers begin their journey to a conversion on a mobile device – and, if you’re not targeting this audience, you could be missing out on a large slice of your market.

The mobile audience

The behaviour of mobile users is different to that of desktop users. Many customers use their mobile device to search for and research products, compare prices and gather relevant information, which often takes place in the early stages of the buying journey. Mobile users also demonstrate a high level of local intent.

This different type of behaviour means you need a dedicated Mobile PPC strategy. Because, if you’re not meeting the unique needs of your mobile users, your competitors almost certainly will be, and turning these potential customers into converting customers.

Is your website mobile ready?

It’s not only important for your business to have an effective Mobile PPC strategy. You also need to ensure your website provides good user experience for mobile users – otherwise, they may go elsewhere.

In fact, having a mobile friendly website is not only important for a winning PPC campaign – the arrival of Google’s mobile algorithm update in April 2015 means the mobile friendliness of your website can also affect your organic rankings in mobile search results.

How can we help you?

Our team has been working with Mobile PPC for many years and will ensure your ads are optimised for and compatible with mobile devices. They will also create ads that are catered to the intent of mobile users as they move through the buying journey.

If you want to develop a Mobile PPC strategy that is unique to the needs of your audience, get in touch with our team of experts today.