Paid Social 

Your business can't pretend that social networks are just for socialising. They're a highly effective place to get in front of current and potential customers. We help you cut through the noise and get noticed.

The world of online marketing has evolved with more users than ever before spending their time on social media (1.3bn worldwide accessing the likes of Facebook daily to be precise!). No longer is the notion that social media is ‘free advertising’ true, with the social space becoming more and more saturated with not only users, but advertisers too.

It has become increasingly difficult for businesses to maintain a strong social presence through organic social media alone, which is where Paid Social comes in, offering extended amplification, high precision audience targeting and cost-effective returns on investment.

However, with so many platforms and advertising options available, how do you know which strategy across which mediums will benefit your business or campaign and how will they cut through the noise in such a highly competitive space? That’s where we come in…

The Glowworm Digital Approach

We create a Paid Social strategy specific to your business’s goals. We’ll conduct extensive research into your brand, the market you operate within and analyse your target audience to enable identification of the best social advertising route for your brand and objectives. Whether it be an always on approach or specific campaign we’ll outline your user journey and platform strategy, manage your campaign end-to-end, and conduct ongoing testing and optimisation to ensure your Paid Social marketing provides the best ROI.

Brands can sometimes find it difficult to measure the true impact and success of social, especially when trying to work hand in hand with Google Analytics. However, because we have near on 10 years combined Paid Social experience, we’re fully experienced in overcoming these hurdles and have the ability to cross-reference and align both stats from social pixels and your owned GA or third-party measurement platforms for a full rounded performance analysis approach.

Your campaigns will be in the hands of a specialist and offer 1-to-1 direct contact so you have absolute clarity on the performance of your ongoing paid social activity.

Areas We Can Help

Whether it’s an effective social advertising strategy that you want to implement in-house or an ongoing monthly campaign management and analysis structure ran by us; our services can be tailored to meet your needs and can include, but is not limited to:

  • Account auditing

  • Cross-channel social media strategy

  • Social media campaign management and optimisation

  • Extensive campaign analysis

  • Ad copywriting

  • Conversion tracking set up

  • Custom audience builds

  • Account creation and set up

  • Social advertising consultancy

As with any form of online advertising, it’s also important that results are monitored and optimised. We monitor every ad we create, measuring KPIs relevant to each stage of the user journey, helping you to understand the contribution of social within the context of all your advertising activity.


Sound good? To find out how we can help your business through Paid Social advertising, get in touch with our team today.