3 Tips: Local PPC in Manchester

If you have a bricks and mortar store or deliver services in the Greater Manchester area, a local PPC campaign can increase your sales and leads. This is because you can create hyper targeted ads that are both relevant to what the person is searching (product or service) and tailored to where they are located, which dramatically increases click-through-rates and conversions.

Below are our top three tips on delivering a successful PPC campaign in Manchester:


Local Sitelinks

Ad sitelinks are links to pages beyond the destination landing page or URL in your ad. As well as the benefit of giving the user a more tailored click with more relevant choices, sitselinks also take up more real estate making your ad stand out among the competition. 

But what about when we want our sitselinks to have a local focus? A good option is simply to have a directions and 'key area' based links such as:

  • Based in Manchester

  • Near the M.E.N Arena

  • We’re in Didsbury

This tells the user that you are geographically close and naturally you become the most logical result to click. 

Custom Landing Pages

If your landing page destination is optimised for a service but not your location, we suggest a customised location centric landing page. If adding Manchester or Greater Manchester elements to your landing page would seem awkward or spammy for your organically acquired traffic, create a PPC specific landing page which can be only accessed through the ad.

Local Elements to Include

Adding local elements to your service or product landing page will dramatically increase your quality score. Quality Score is Google’s aggregate rating of the quality of your ads and landing page and the relevancy between them. This scoring system determines your cost per click and your ad rank in the ad auction process. 

Try to include:

  • A map at a relevant zoom level e.g if you’re based in the city centre have a closer map zoom and if you are in an obscure location make sure your zoom is wider and includes a major road for easy navigation

  • Manchester centric copy which adds value to your customers

  • Directions from Manchester South & North (map links or concise copy)

  • Location in your title tag


If the page is only accessed by PPC

Include a no index no follow tag to tell Google to ignore the page. This tag says to search engines that you do not want the page to be included in any search results. This then allows you to duplicate copy and content you have elsewhere on your website, without leaving yourself open to being penalised by Google’s Panda Update


How to add a no index no follow tag:

Add <META NAME="ROBOTS" CONTENT="NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW”>  in between the <HEAD> </HEAD> tag on your page. 


Phone Call Out 

We have seen dramatic increases in conversion rates just by changing a phone number to have the 0161 local number prefix. This is because it shows you are a local business as well telling your potential customer that the call line is free, helping to build trust. Remember to use call tracking so you can accurately track the ROI.


Contact Glowworm Digital

These are just a few of the tricks up our sleeves when it comes to running an effective local PPC campaign. If your PPC Management is in need of a revamp contact us today to discuss your business objectives and how we can help you achieve them.

Banner image source: Blue Bubble Design